Meet our Members

Ktaadn Arts is comprised of many talented and creative individuals and families in the Katahdin Region. Some are creative folks who enjoy being involved and some are exhibiting members at Ktaadn Arts Education Center. As an organization that strives to support local artists, you can find navigation icons below each photo to further explore their work, visit their website, or request commissioned pieces. Some headshot below were provided by Malorrie Nadeau // She Of The Flowers. Thanks, Malorrie!

Sam Cote
Millinocket, ME
Mixed-media artist // Creative

Bruce A. Fleming
Born & residing in the Katahdin Region
Author // Creative Writing

Diana Furukawa
Millinocket, ME
Film photography // Printmaking // Creative collaborations of all kinds

Kim Lyons
Born & residing in the Katahdin Region
Acrylic painter // photographer // wire and mixed-media artist // writer // Art Teacher at Katahdin Christian Academy

Malorrie Nadeau // She of the Flowers
Millinocket, ME
Photographer // Yoga Instructor

Roger Ryder
Lincoln, ME

Friends of Ktaadn Arts

Peter Jamieson
Tristan McAvoy
Allie Dorobis
Gina Parent
Ken Gross
Erika Mackin
Susan Adams, Elliotsville Foundation, Inc.
Barbara Riddle Dvorak
Mikey McVey
Avni Naik
Jamie Day
Josh Deakin
Barbara Davis
Mary McManus
Ethan Michaud
Mike Smith, OSI
Sarah Barnard
Mark Garrido
Meagan Collins
Alex Seefried
Larry Johannesman
Joyce Bradway
Jessica Freeman
Mercedes McGrath
Ross Knowlton
Michael Crowley