Ktaadn Arts/Ktaadn Arts Education Center is seeking experienced, diverse, creative, and innovative folks who are interested in serving on our Board of Directors. As we continue to grow and build our organization, it’s necessary for us to strengthen our Board with individuals who are equipped with the necessary skills, voice and experience to guide. The positions we look to fill are:

  • (1) Treasurer seat
  • (3) general BOD seats

Our Board of Directors are responsible for making sound and sustainable decisions in support of our mission and vision, our organization and the Katahdin region. Members must be willing and able to attend the quarterly meetings via Zoom/phone until we move to in-person, however, Zoom/phone will still be sufficient after that time. Meetings may become more frequent in light of COVID regulations loosening in which our operations and flexibility will shift. Any experience in the following fields of work is preferred.

  • Legal expertise
  • Nonprofit operations
  • CPA/accounting
  • Financial/fundraising strategy coordination
  • Arts and cultural advocacy
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion advocacy
  • and of course… being a creative/maker/artist is a HUGE plus!

If this is your niche, let’s talk!